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In Our Age Issue 62 Autumn 2021

Inside Issue 62 is a story about the Indian Regiment at Hereford Racecourse, hop picking in Bromyard, Howle Hill motorbike scrambling club and much more.

In Our Age Issue 62 Autumn2021
In Our Age Issue 62 Autumn 2021

In Our Age Issue 61 Summer 2021

Inside Issue 62 are remembered stories of Herefordshire life, including the River Wye Carnival, Ross-on-Wye Carnival and Weobley Carnival. We look at Eardisland village school, the work of coopers (barrel makers) in Herefordshire, the Three Choirs Festival, with the sports page covering The Couriers Running Club, fencing at the teacher training college and pub sports.

Mentioned in this issue: Robert Edwards; Saxbys; Richard Jenkins; Leominster; Eardisland; Hilary Engel; Golden Valley Faces; Roger Hewlett Sell; Robert Young; King’s Shropshire Light Infantry; Master Cooper; Cheltenham & Hereford Brewery; Bulmers; Angie Harmen Sale; Weobley; Rev Chris Rhodes; Warren Mitchell; Alf Garnett; Bill Dyer; Gary McLeod; Vaga Tavern; Hunderton; Herefordshire Histories; HARC; Doris Kershaw; River Wye; Bridge Sollars; Monnington Falls; Bert Crissall; Ivy Manning; St Weonards; Christine Jenkins; Barbara Evans; Joan Sparey; Gwen Morris; Mrs Watkins (Corras); Ivy Manning; Janet Pawson; K Williams; Joan Price; M Humphries; Mrs Poyner; Frances Matthews; Vera Jones; Enid Watkins; Ashlene Bevan; Doris Virgo; Mrs Williams; Jenny Jenkins; Molly Cornwall; Winifred Matthews; Evelyn Bevan; Nurse Mabel Meadmore; Derek Davies; B. Pritchard; P. Higgins; P. Mayne;  B. Morris; M. Fowler; G. Davies; B. Hodges; J. Norton; M. Fowler; D. Davies; Couriers; Brian Foster; Tracey Goodwin Sports Gear;

In Our Age Issue 61
In Our Age Issue 61 Summer 2021