Weeping Poppies

Herefordshire men and women relate their experiences of the First World War. The stories are based on original recordings made by the county reminiscence group, Herefordshire Lore and Herefordshire’s Home Front in the First World War by Bill Laws.

Click on the links below to open the audio page for each title:

The Conscientious Objector – read by Marsha O’Mahony  – 6.14 mins

The Soldier – read by Colin Crawford – 4.56 mins

The Munitioneer – read by Shona Warnes – 5.05 mins

The Farmer – read by David Warnes, – 5.05 mins

The Little Refugee – read by Bill Laws – 3.54

Twenty-Nine Days – read by Clive Emerson – 4.38 mins