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Herefordshire Lore has been collecting, publishing and archiving people’s recollections since 1989. Herefordshire Lore works to remember, celebrate and record Herefordshire’s oral history before it is lost with passing generations. It is run by a group of volunteers who design, plan and gain funding for projects. A diverse range of resources have been published including the quarterly ‘In Our Age’ which can be read on this website. To get the latest print version, please subscribe. 

In Our Age Issue 64

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In Our Age is published quarterly and contains 8 pages of stories and photos of Herefordshire’s heritage.

The latest issue (64) looks at swimming, with Herefordshire photographer Derek Evan’s cover photo of people swimming in the River Wye. We have a photo of Leominster’s Sydonia swimming pool and a story about bathing in the River Arrow at Kington.

There are also stories about the Post Office’s ‘Telegram Boys’, Salmon fishing on the River Wye, the British Women’s Land Army, and call out for stories from people who used to hang at Buzz Music in Hereford.

Those of you with a keen eye will have noticed that we have changed the graphic design of IOA. This happened with Issue 62 in Autumn 2021.

We have to admit to a slight error on Issue 64 above! Take a look at the title logo and see if you can see what it is!

Download the latest digital version of In Our Age  – Issue 62 Autumn 2021

Inside Issue 62 is a story about the Indian Regiment at Hereford  Racecourse, hop picking in Bromyard, Howle Hill motorbike scrambling club and much more.

To download Issue 62 just click on the red button and follow the instructions. There is currently no fee for downloading this digital version. You just need to provide a valid email address and your name.

In Our Age Issue 62 Autumn2021
In Our Age Issue 62 Autumn 2021

Our Publications


Our quarterly magazine In Our Age‘ has been published for over a decade with over 60 issues.

Age to Age was published bi-monthly from 1993 to 2003 and was the forerunner of ‘In Our Age’.

We have also published many books, including: –

Published booklets include:-

Our thanks go to our many contributors and funders especially the Heritage Lottery Fund.

In Our Age Issue 61 Summer 2021

In Our Age – issue 61 Summer 2021 – Now available to download or read online

Read or download Issue 61 of In Our Age

Health Herefordshire looks at health care delivery in Herefordshire

Health Herefordshire


In 1948 the National Health Service was formed, bringing free health care at the point of delivery for the first time to all. Before then visits to the doctor were largely dependent on one’s ability to pay for treatment. Stories of health in Herefordshire are told by patients and clinicians; midwives and dentists; GPs and pharmacists; and even a herbalist and the local bonesetter.

Age to Age

Read past issues of ‘Age to Age’ – Hereford Lore Reminiscence Newsletter on our new ‘Age to Age’ page.

‘Age to Age’ was published bi-monthly by Hereford Lore, before we became Herefordshire Lore, from 1993 to 2003 and was the fore runner of our quarterly magazine ‘In Our Age’.

There are all sorts of fascinating snippets of history and heritage including:

Alf Evans’s recollection from 1942, ‘Tragedy Strikes R.O.F.’ from 1942 published in Volume 1 Issue 6 in May 1994.

Why in 1957, when the Queen visited Herefordshire, a pig took centre stage in ‘Pig meets Queen’ by Betty Moore published in Volume 4 Issue 4 in July 1996.

Gladys Sweeney recalls memories of cleaning railway carriages in Barton Yard (now Sainsbury’s) during the war published in Volume 10 Issue 6 in December 2002.

Weeping Poppies

Listen to the ‘Weeping Poppies‘ audio stories

Herefordshire men and women relate their experiences of the First World War. The stories are based on original recordings made by the county reminiscence group, Herefordshire Lore and Herefordshire’s Home Front in the First World War by Bill Laws.